Natural Remedies for Cough in Baby

Natural Remedies for Cough in Baby

Well, cough is a common thing we need to deal with every time but for babies, they feel miserable and coughing continuously can be stressful. So, while during nighttime coughing can disrupt the sleep and parents need to make their baby comfortable and manage the symptoms which can help them to get the rest and recover quickly. So, cough treatment should be aimed at keeping the child hydrated, relaxing and need to be sleeping well. Also, parents have to know about how to treat cough baby for giving the remedies to heal from cough. Below are the natural remedies for cough in a baby.

Use Saline Nasal Drops

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When the baby is not feeling well sometimes because their nasal passages will contain irritants which can trigger coughing. Using the saline drops will help soften mucus to remove it and parents need to use the saline drops before or in the middle of the night in case if the toddler wakes up for coughing. Also, these drops are considered as safe.

Offer Fluids

The baby needs to be hydrated when they are sick and water will help the body fight against illness and keeps the airways moist and Strong. Every baby needs to drink one serving of water for each year of their life. So, if they are refusing their usual milk or not eating much then the baby needs more water. Also, even parents need to offer popsicles for increasing the fluids and soothe a sore throat. However, Offering the fluids to babies is the ideal way for how to treat cough baby.

Offer Honey

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The honey is usually a natural sweetener that can help a soothe a sore throat and also honey has antibacterial properties and may help to fight infection. For the baby who is over the age of one, parents can give a spoonful of honey as often but you need to be aware of the sugar intake that comes with it. Parents will try mixing the honey in warm water for making it easier for the baby to consume the honey.

Apart from these, they are other methods for the baby to get rid of cough. However, the above remedies are the best method to know about how to treat cough baby. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about natural remedies for cough in babies. Thanks for reading!

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